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A Celebration of Life: November 5 1985 - January 24 2003

Superboy Henry

Before his first haircut!

Easter Sunday

What a Cutie! Henry at a Year Old

At Play

18 months old


Antonio, Krystal, Frankie, Vickie and Henry

Kauai, Hawaii at Waikea Canyon

Titi Margi, Henry, Mom, and Antonio

Photo Shoot

Two Years Old

5th Birthday

Krystal, Marisol, Henry, Wendoly and Jolly Julie

Henry and Tania

At the Bronx Zoo

Henry being Henry

Funny guy

Henry as a Cat

Look at those whiskers

Ninja Henry

Boy warrior

Kindergarten Graduation

Off to the big leagues...1st grade!

Kindergarten Graduation at Holy Family

Victor and Henry

The Artist as Henry

4 years old

Playing in the Snow

Henry and Lucy

At Yankee Stadium

Ice cream and a game...

All Together, Now: Say Cheese!

Pre-K Class Picture

All Dressed Up for Easter

Henry and Mom...looking good!

6th Birthday

Henry and friends

Class Photo

Holy Family School: First Grade

The Carousel Rider

In Washington, DC

The Actor

As Robin Hood for the Mr B Show in School


Just thinking

Talking to the Animals

At the Zoo

At the Rainforest

In Puerto Rico

Visiting the Smithsonian in DC

Hey, I AM stronger! Look at my muscles!

In Washington, DC

Waiting for a bus

Most Wanted

The Gangster and his Moll (aka Mom)

Rockefeller Center Ice Skating Rink

Oh, yeah...I can skate!

Happiness in a Smile

 Ok, Mom..take the picture

Bronx Zoo Food Break

Enjoying a good meal...

Sunday in the Park

Central Park in NY

Bronx Zoo With a Bear

Don't worry..the fence is secure

A boy and his dog

Henry and Midnight

Halloween Birthday Party

As Dracula....Henry's favorite Halloween character

Henry Being Funny

Goofy eyes!

Henry the Strongman

Tattoo and Muscles!

Cub Scout Days

Victor, Joseph, Henry and Miguel

First Place Winners

Victor, Julie and Henry at Science Fair

Proud Dad

At Science Fair

Yankees Rule

Off to a Game

Holy Family Graduation

 Ceremony in Holy Family Church

Recent Photos

Newest Members